1. The Message

  2. High Heat

  3. Notes To You

  4. Last Forever

  5. Kaboom (EP)

  6. The Cold Flame (Album) [2013]

  7. The Spark (EP)

  8. The Systematic Force of a Dragon (Single)

  9. When The Clock Strikes 3 (Album)

  10. You're All Gonna Die (Single)

  11. No One 2 Cry 2 (Single)

  12. Pictures of Tomorrow (Album)

  13. From The Cold (Album)

  14. Guns of Navarone (Single)

  15. Devil ft. Shade (Single)

  16. Eyes on You (Single)

  17. Black Daniel - Move Like Royalty (Tommy Zen Remix) (Single)

  18. Controllin' Your Mind ft. Apex & PestILLence (Single)

  19. Back From the Underneath (Album)

  20. Here's a Lullaby (Single)

  21. I'm So High ft. Travis Williams (Single)

  22. Greatest R Back ft. Apex & Shade (Single)

  23. Heaven is a Place on Earth (Tommy Zen Twisted Dubstep Remix) (Single)

  24. Magical Words ft. Apex, Jull-Z & Jimi Riddlz (Single & Remixes)

  25. Freeze Styles (2010) (Album)

  26. Me & You ft. Apex & DJ Minirol (Single)

  27. Peak (Single)

  28. Not Impressed (Album)

  29. Shade - Damaged People (Tommy Zen Remix) (Single)

  30. I Wish (Single)

  31. Flux Pavillion - Voscillate (Tommy Zen Remix) (Single)

  32. Count Your Lucky Stars ft. Lucy Hill (Single)

  33. Nobody's Fool ft. Booth & Vein (Single)

  34. Heat (Album)

  35. Arctic Nights (Single & Remix)

  36. Takes From The Dream Pool (Album)

  37. Use My Magic (Single)

  38. Cyq & Twisted (Tomnmy Zen & Shade) (Album)

  39. Invisible (Frozenmammoth Remix) (Single)

  40. Walking With Beasts ft. Klashnekoff (Avec Remix) (Single)

  41. Ice Age ft. 24Vision (Single)

  42. Dark as Fuck (Freestyles & Pissing About) (Album)

  43. When I'm In ft. yourFAVOURITE (Single)

  44. Million Bars (Tommy Zen & yourFAVOURITE) (Album)

  45. The Road To Nothingness (Album)

  46. Eminem - Darling Superman (Tommy Zen Beach Boys Remix) (Single)

  47. Sweet Child O' Mine (Tommy Zen D&B Remix) (Single)

  48. The Psionic Code (Album)

  49. Kanye West - Gifted (Tommy Zen Remix) (Single)

  50. The Lost Files of KP The Iceman (Volume 3) (Album)

  51. Vinnie Paz - Drag You To Hell (Tommy Zen Remix ft DJ Minirol) (Single)

  52. On It (Afriquedeluxe - Tommy Zen D&B Remix) (Single)

  53. Walking With Beasts ft. Klashenkoff (Mojo Remix) (Single)

  54. The Lost Files of KP The Iceman (Volume 2) (Album)

  55. Wrong Man (Strode Remix) (Single)

  56. Mr Negative (Single)

  57. The Lost Files of KP The Iceman (Album)

  58. Higher ft. Dan Horsman (Single)

  59. Burning The House Down (Single)

  60. When The Shine Goes West (Album)

  61. Chambers of Zen (Single & Remix)

  62. Jewels & Grit (Single)

  63. 'Avoc (Album)

  64. 'Til the Warlord Roars (Single)

  65. Vomit (Single)

  66. Ascension (Album)

  67. Straight Since The Cradle (Album)

  68. Disco Stars ft. JD & Folk (EP)

  69. Tears Are A Good Thing (Album)

  70. Brisky Shark (Single)

  71. Cabin Fever (Album)

  72. Stay 'Wake (Album)

  73. The Late Hour (Album)


Tommy Zen UK

Tommy Zen A.K.A KP The Iceman

West Yorkshire born Tommy "Zen" Collinson is an underground emcee and award winning beatmaker. He started back in 2004 as a young emcee in the Channel Islands where he began DJing underground hip hop, learning how to scratch etc. He joined a couple of groups and did some gigs in diff places. Tom gets his name from his practice of meditation of 20 or so years ... more

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