Do Just What I Want To

from Tears Are A Good Thing (Album) by Tommy Zen



Burn up the papes, it's shaker mr nasty
Go extra mad in chats, don't put it past me
Aisle of the monster, come join the songster
Train all year then do just what I want to

It's tom don't tackle me unless yas mad
My traps go fully 'cross the open pad
I sling that medicine and drop much heat
Ya ent 'eard tommy then ya fast asleep

It's simple chemistry the way tom burn
E brings that bunsen burner on the churn
E yearns for nothin' and e let's things go
It ain't too difficult to let things flow

I game up sillyly and work the force
E zones dead silent like a murdered corpse
It could be summin' from the past who knows guy
I play things delicate and raise the mode high

So watch each spin
Tom sneaks in then skims the beat wi' sting
You won't reach tom lad
E rocks that character that can't be knocked bad

Try things bloke and you can see tom laugh
E teks all pain then e quakes and snaps
E breaks down sames with the flames that smash
E takes down names of the fakes'ts trash

The juice still runnin in the lips and face
E works real glorious and ships the breaks
E tips the place off the whole bloody axis
E zones for hours and for years e's practiced

Bark it will ya, lemme know yas in
Ya vibe with tommy and ya vibe with prim
We go all angles on the schemes and drops
E grows up many and e feeds the crops

The recent jots go a long way final
The bliss tom feelin on a plane that's vital
So keep both hands in the air get raving
You ain't with tommy then ya misbehaving


from Tears Are A Good Thing (Album), released March 27, 2020
Tommy Zen - Vocals
Vherbal (Fat Sound Records) - Beat


all rights reserved



Tommy Zen UK

Tommy Zen A.K.A KP The Iceman

West Yorkshire born Tommy "Zen" Collinson is an Christian Zen emcee and award winning beatmaker. He started back in 2004 as a young emcee in the Channel Islands where he began DJing underground hip hop, learning how to scratch etc. He joined a couple of groups and did some gigs in diff places. Tom gets his name from his practice of prayer and meditation.13th disciple ... more

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