I'm slant in feeling and i'm choked inside
The zone been terror struck I ain't been fine
Ya ripped that beater out my ribs, dark clutch
I wunt be fussed about it yet mine's crushed

The sun still shining but it's different mood
Ya singed that smile i ad, and blitzed my view
It ended the moment ya darted the last kiss
Chained, world armageddon ruptured the atlas

The days keep going but it's blackness deep
The past keeps cashing us, the lad just weeps
The tears keep lowering it's all big pain
It's deep cut centred and the heart's bin caned

The clouds still moving and the stars still gleam
The framework shattered and i can't keep keen
I've lost ya, no way out like kevin costner
Dropped and, moved locations off the roster

The final goodbye, keeps sliding back to haunt me
I'm diced, damaged iced, the vipers are before me
Frozen, heart wound raw, I'm letting go though
Crash through the writes, and scribe to let the globe know

It's ended, dismembered my temperemnet bended
Uncentred, segemented, dented i'm suspended
The text wont nuff for me to express why
So turn up the chants this time and let it fly

I've had those dreams of u, they nightmares through
The realness hammering, they won't come true
I wake up fussing that ya lapsed and left
They can't console me it's a slant that's messed

Forget this, i'm jus gonna face that and go
Taking it slow, remaining in the flow
The haunt might bother me, the strike might sting
But tom boy's on another recipe, sing


from Cabin Fever (Album), released March 17, 2020


all rights reserved



Tommy Zen UK

Tommy Zen A.K.A KP The Iceman

West Yorkshire born Tommy "Zen" Collinson is an underground emcee and award winning beatmaker. He started back in 2004 as a young emcee in the Channel Islands where he began DJing underground hip hop, learning how to scratch etc. He joined a couple of groups and did some gigs in diff places. Tom gets his name from his practice of meditation of 20 or so years ... more

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