Spin once final on the jive get clued
It's zen man tommy and e ent no rude
My tunes go bursty to ya drums of ear
We let things flourish with a hefty cheer

sign up and take it fam i'm on the new lev
rise wimme now and check the latest bootleg
e's on the flex this morn it isn't harky
we bring forth drops that's top i say it sharply

find no problem and ya fine all day
we dine on pasta and we fly forth spray
we drink pg and then write some words
the beats go bully as the vinyl turns

the shape still special in the wave we do
the number 1 but e can game wi' 2
jus as long as those are on a high one
shout to le sauvage, ben jamie and simon

it ain't much like the hall of bloody mirrors
we scan through rocks and part em with the shipments
the gold co-llected and the shame ain't there
e still there rocking in the favourite chair

e plots to align em, shocks to the ripened
drops of designment reachin' to find 'em
ya can't find tommy then ya will one day
if not friday then maybe monday

I gold up pellets for the juice I rock
It's all out fire that the rooster drop
Sing with tom, it's pacey karaoke
Y'ent with tommy ya can get to know me

The plans e-vaporate unless required
The chants speak manically and rest when tired
The amp delivers summin' clued and fresh
The sort of patterns that can soothe ya stress

And if not buzzy maybe further later
It's old boy tommy with the urban flavour
They say e's halkin' on a path that's lie
But wrong in accusation all the time


from Tears Are A Good Thing (Album), released March 27, 2020
Tommy Zen - Vocals
Vherbal (Fat Sound Records) - Beat


all rights reserved



Tommy Zen UK

Tommy Zen A.K.A KP The Iceman

West Yorkshire born Tommy "Zen" Collinson is an Christian Zen emcee and award winning beatmaker. He started back in 2004 as a young emcee in the Channel Islands where he began DJing underground hip hop, learning how to scratch etc. He joined a couple of groups and did some gigs in diff places. Tom gets his name from his practice of prayer and meditation.13th disciple ... more

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